Improved Food Security, Sustainable Livelihood and Empowerment of Women is the three year project funded by foreign affair of Finland and implemented by by Sahara Nepal with the nexus of Swallows of Finland. The project has been implementing in the Masta Rural municipality ward no.3,4,5,6,7 in the Bajhang District with the objective of improve food security, prosperous livelihood for disadvantage communities, gender equality and focuses on women empowerment. In this reporting period following activities were conducted.

Project Details


The project has been designed based on the needs of the community and the major development priorities of Masta Rural Municipality. During project development, focus group discussions, key informant interviews and meetings with local government representatives and other stakeholders were developed to identify and address the needs of target communities. This project aims to contribute to the agricultural sector, which is the main priority of Masta Rural Municipality, and help the residents of Masta Rural Municipality to earn medium income from agriculture and make them financially self-reliant. The expected achievements of this project are as follows.
• The small farmers who are scattered in Masta Rural Municipality will be united and become commercially involved in vegetable farming and become financially self-reliant.
• It is intended to develop small and domestic industries by producing various materials related to handicrafts by making appropriate use of non-wood products available in Masta Rural Municipality.
• Women will be empowered to end the existing social evils like violence against women, Chhaupadi custom in the rural municipality.
• To increase the production of vegetables and pulses by providing the irrigation materials needed by the farmers and export them to the local, district and regional markets.

1st Phase - 2021-2023 2nd Phase 2024 - 2026
Funding agency

Swallows of Finland

Masta Rural Municipality Bajhang Nepal
NPR. 28406782.00

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