Project: Multi-stakeholder Forest Program

Introduction: Multi-stakeholder Forest program is a one year program designed for an inclusive economic development of those who invested their time and energy in safeguarding community forest and tackling the impact of climate change. Sahara Nepal, Bajhang, as a lead organization in joint venture agreement with District Forest Office (DFO) implemented this program (MSFP) in two VDCs i.e. Rilu and Dantola of Bajhang district.

The ultimate goal of the project was to increase awareness of the local people for the forest conservation and protection, cattle management and minimize the bad impact of climate change.

 Program results:

  1.   Increased awareness of the local people for the forest conservation and protection.
  2.   Completed household survey for the cattle management of 10 CFUGs.
  3.   Developed inventory community managed forests.
  4.   Ten Community Adaptation Programmes for Action (CAPA) prepared for mitigation of impacts of climate change and adaptation to climate change.
  5.   Prepared the statutes and operational plan of 10 CFUGs.

Programme achievement :

  1.   Renewed of operational plan for management of community forest of 10 CFUGs.
  2.   Enhanced the capacity of selected members of local community to develop the CAPA for adaption to climate change.
  3.   Prepared the roadmap for scientific management and protection of the 10 community forests.
  4.   Renewal of the 10 CFUGs by the District Forest Office.

Plantated700 trees in the landslide areas through participation of members of community participation.

Project Details



01 Feb, 2014 - 30 Apr, 2014
Funding agency


Bajhang, Talkot Rural Municipality, Bajhang, Masta Rural Municipality
NPR 500,000.00

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