Promoting Social Accountability in Community Schools of Bajhang by Implementing Community Score Card as a Participatory Performance Tool.

Community Score Card (CSC) is a participatory, community based performance monitoring and evaluation tool which sets a mechanism of direct feedback to service providers and enhances confidence of both service users and providers. It is used to inform community members about available public services and their entitlements and to solicit their opinions about the accessibility and quality of these public services. The CSC process empowers the public to voice their opinion and demand provided service delivery. The tool was tested in different Schools of Three VDCs of Bajhang district i.e. Majhi Gaun, Lamatola and Rayal under ‘Program for Saocial Accountability in Nepal (PRAN)  in the partnership with CECI/PRAN which was funded by World Bank.

The ultimate objective for using tools was to find out:

  • Whether the service recipients are satisfied from the service provided by the schools or not ?
  • How are the stakeholders performing their duties and responsibilities to maintain the quality of education, appropriateness in the use of budget and scholarship?
  • The ways to overcome the existing problems and establish a relatively permanent system of quality education service delivery.

Program results:

  1.    Increased awareness of the service providers on the Community Score Card (CSC) process.
  2.   Increased citizen and citizen groups’ awareness on their rights, entitlements and responsibilities and involvement to contribute to and demand better quality educational services.
  3.   Developed input tracking matrix based on human, physical and financial resources of the schools.
  4.   Assisted about 40 members of the community to prepare the community generated performance score card by service users.
  5.   Prepared the indicators for self-evaluation score card and scored on these topics along with the service providers.
  6.   Prepared the joint action plan by the service users and services providers.

Program achievement:

  1.   Raised awareness of 55service providers and 561 service users on the process of Community Score Card (CSC) and its importance.
  2.   Decreased the teacher’s absenteeism rate in the community schools due to the local level monitoring mechanism.
  3.   Assessed the improved the educational services provided by the four schools and disseminated the results among the people of Bajhang about the assessment process and improvement in the educational services provided by the school.
  4.   Improved quality of educational services through enhancement of effective, transparent and accountable educational services in the four community schools.

Project Details


Government and civil society, general

01 May, 2013 - 31 Dec, 2013
Funding agency

World Bank-Program for Accountability in Nepal (PRAN) /CECI

Bajhang, Khaptad Chhanna Rural Municipality, Bajhang, Kedarsyun Rural Municipality
NPR 1,073,000.00

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